Goalposts on the Green Space

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Would you support goal nets on the green?

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Re: Goalposts on the Green Space

Post  Alex.Bennett on Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:17 pm

2SG wrote:Hi All. While I think its great that you are all coming up with some good ideas and your enthusiasm is encouraging ,I don't believe that something like goal posts on the green can be decided here. I know you are all checking out how people feel about this but probally not everyone has a computer on the estate and many may never enter this site. There are a lot of considerations with something like this and there will be many differing opinions . I believe therefore that all suggestions such as this should be bought to the Committee meetings to be discussed further. This may have been your intention anyway but thought I should mention it. Regards, Sharon

Yes it was my intention anyways and as you say i came here to see what the general feeling was.

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